Basel’s City Portrait

duration: 2 hours
self-guided tour

Embark on this captivating self-guided audio tour to discover all the key attractions of Basel.

Rest assured, you’ll immerse yourself in the city’s must-have experiences, explored in rich and captivating detail. Prepare to uncover the courtyard of the Town Hall with its fascinating narrative, explore the intricacies of Basel Cathedral’s interior, where almost every stone has a story, and see many other landmarks. However, we won’t just unveil the city’s main attractions – we’ll take you on a journey through time, sharing tales of those who once called this place home. Our genuine aspiration is for Basel to be a wellspring of inspiration for you, and this audio guide aims to shed light on its unique character.

This is a self-guided audio tour, and you will need a mobile phone and an internet connection. We also recommend using earphones or a headset connected to your mobile phone to fully appreciate the deep voice of the professional speaker and the accompanying music.

You will start and finish the excursion at the Basel Town Hall (show on map).

You will not get lost, because we will guide you every step of your way. Approximately like that:

Still not sure? Listen to the piece of the audio tour and get all your doubts cleared!


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