Bern Through the Pages of the Past

duration: 3 hours
self-guided tour

Welcome to Bern!

Some say that in Bern you should definitely reach Child Eater Fountain to look at the sculpture of a monster that eats babies first-hand. Others claim that while being in this city you should definitely visit the Cathedral of Bern to see its unique portal with a smiling Lucifer and stained glass windows with the Dance of Death. Some rush to the famous bears in the park, while others are in a hurry to see Zytglogge Tower with its moving figures. 

We will show you all the main attractions of Bern. You will see: 

  • Bear Pit and Bear Park
  • Federal Palace and its scenic viewpoint
  • Zytglogge and Käfigturm Towers
  • Cathedral of Bern, St Peter’s & Paul’s Church, Nydegg Church and French Church
  • City Hall and Erlacherhof Residence
  • Houses of Albert Einstein, Friedrich Traffelet, the Zeerleder family and the house where the city executioner once lived
  • Buildings of the Swiss National Bank, the city theatre and more than ten guilds
  • More than ten unique fountains
  • Monument to Rudolf von Erlach and other attractions.

You will also hear stories about the people who lived here: how they did good and evil, loved and executed, raised children and moralised adults, achieved their goal and passed away.

We sincerely hope that Bern will surprise you with its diversity, and this excursion will help you see all the richness of the city.

This is a self-guided audio tour, and you will need a mobile phone with headset and an internet connection.

You will not get lost, because we will guide you every step of your way. Approximately like that:

Still not sure? Listen to the piece of the audio tour and get all your doubts cleared!


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