Zurich in the Mirror of the Past

duration: 2 hours
self-guided tour

Zurich, at first glance, is a city on the move. Bankers, shopaholics and tourists bustle in and out on the main street. Everyone there is in a hurry somewhere. However, if you step a little to the side, the bustle is suddenly replaced by serenity and beauty. Cathedrals and churches make you halt with delight in front of the unique stained glass windows, and numerous architectural monuments make you slow down. 

During this excursion we will show you all the main attractions of Zurich. Among other things, you will see: 

  • Grossmünster and Fraumünster, St. Peter’s Church and Water Church. 
  • The City Hall, Opera House, Lindenhof, Roman Baths, Cabaret Voltaire, V. Lenin’s House and Urania Observatory. 
  • Monuments to Alfred Escher, Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi, Ulrich Zwingli and Hans Waldmann. 
  • “Ganymed” and “Pavilion” sculptures. 
  • Paradeplatz and Bahnhofstrasse. 
  • Buildings of the Guilds of Millers and Bakers, Salt and Spice Merchants, as well as the building of the Masonic Lodge. 

We will also tell you stories about the people who lived here. You will learn how they did good and evil, made bold decisions and engaged in intrigue, prevented bloodshed and executed innocents, fought for power and helped children. You will hear about their hard work, humanity and courage, as well as about tragedies and might-have-been happiness. 

We sincerely hope that Zurich will surprise you with its diversity, and this excursion will help you see all the richness of this city. 

This is a self-guided audio tour, and you will need a mobile phone and an internet connection. We also recommend using earphones or a headset connected to your mobile phone to fully appreciate the deep voice of the professional speaker and the accompanying music.

You will not get lost, because we will guide you every step of your way. Approximately like that:

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